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HTR Writers | Jul 22, 2014

The one thing that bothers us most when it comes to home repair and maintenance is the dearth of good handymen. You need to find someone trustworthy and skilled to allow them access to your house. This can be extremely taxing because of the quality of workmen and security issues.

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bathroom interior
HTR Writers | Jul 21, 2014

Bathroom interior design is all about detailing! Simple accents and a little style driven decor can bring freshness to mundane everyday elements like your bathroom sinks and faucets making your bathroom a standout.

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interior property
Ranjita Bhandari | Jul 18, 2014

Simply thoughtful cost effective interior design upgrades could be the ultimate weapon in your arsenal as a home seller. At this stage you are not interested in spending a large amount but these upgrades will still be worth your while because they will tangibly up the sale-ablility factor of your home.

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decor DIY
Ranjita Bhandari | Jul 17, 2014

When it comes to decor, sometimes, the truly worth coveting accents and elements may be beyond your budget, other times things that you can achieve on a shoestring budget can actually put professional decorators to shame!

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interior decor
Ranjita Bhandari | Jul 16, 2014

What makes some homes stylish and envy worthy and others blah? Spending mega bucks may only serve to make your home look like a designer showroom. "Expensive" it does not equal a super stylish home, but decor with a large dose of the occupants personality does!

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Ranjita Bhandari | Jul 15, 2014

Lets face it, cleaning is rarely on top of anyone's favorite 'to-do' list! But some things just have to be tackled, and keeping a clean home may not be a fun pastime but it is a necessary evil and everything is better with a plan. Tackle your cleaning armed with the Hometriangle plan and it will be easier and quicker but sadly not more fun.

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